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Kitchens Bathrooms

Kitchens and Bathroom renovations have become some of the most busiest types of work at Gillis Home Building Centre in recent years. Home renos in general seem to be on the rise in the CBRM as well as other areas of Cape Breton, so you know with such as experienced team at Gillis, that you can expect quality service, superior product lines and capable, knowledgeable staff to help you complete your new kitchen or bathroom renovations.

Whether a major home renovation or a new home build, Gillis is aware that making the decision on what cabinetry to choose from, whether bathroom or kitchen, is something that needs to be carefully considered. They want their clients to be certain they are making the right decision as they will have to live with their choices for many years.

It is important that clients make their choices based on what they like, rather than what might be trending, for this reason alone. All cabinetry is manufactured to the specifications of the client, including design and any additional features they might like to add. Call Gillis Home Building Centre today to discuss your next kitchen or bathroom renovation – (902) 539-0738.