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Home Building Supplies Cape Breton

Gillis Home Building Centre has all the home building supplies you’ll need in Cape Breton including roofing, siding, bathroom vanities, kitchens cabinets, and a whole host of just about anything to do with interior or exterior home building supplies.

Local Home Building Contractors

home building contractors cape bretonIf you need a garage package or even a garage installed, Gillis has you covered. You can find all the building materials necessary to complete that home installation package or even get our qualified team of local home building contractors to do the job for you. There many be many window or siding installers in the construction industry in Cape Breton, but there are only a few that are specialists in their field.

Gillis Home Building Centre work with only the best contractors in the business. If there is a renovation going on in your area, more than likely Gillis is behind the job. Gillis Home Centre has built many a home in Cape Breton over the years and can help with any home construction needs. We have many contractors that we work with on a daily basis in Sydney, NS and beyond that can install your garage package, a new roof, or even renovate your bathroom or bedroom when the time comes.

Gillis Home Installation Work

Gillis is your Center for home building throughout the Industrial Cape Breton area and have built up a long lasting and trusting relationship with literally hundreds of customers over the years. Here is just a few jobs that they have helped their clients and contractors with recently in Cape Breton:

  • Home building materials

  • Electrical

  • Paint

  • Hardware

  • Plumbing

  • Bathrooms and kitchens

  • Windows & doors

  • Siding & insulation

  • Garage Packages and installation

  • Roofing supplies and installation

For the best home building products and installation services in Cape Breton, give Dave Gillis a call at (902) 539 – 0738 to help start  your next home improvement project.


Home Building Guarantee

home building guaranteeAt Gillis Home Building Supplies, they have a home installation guarantee that surpasses most. Their commitment to keeping customers happy and providing complete warrantied work using superior products is an above standard warranty package that is well known in the home building industry in Cape Breton.

Everything from the roof to the basement, from the walls to the floor is guaranteed with each home installation package at Gillis.

The home construction guarantee means a lot for people who need help with construction needs in Cape Breton. People are always looking for construction companies they can trust to get the job done right and on time.  The Gillis Home Installations Department caters to the individual who need any type of home installation need from garage packages to kitchen cabinets. No job is too big or too small for the fine folks at Gillis! With a motto like “We install it right, guaranteed”, how can you go wrong?

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Gillis Home Building Centre Celebrating 30 Years

gillis-home-building-centre-storeIt’s an exciting time at Gillis Home Building Centre on 1076 Kings Road in Sydney River. For the past number of months management and staff have been busy planning activities to celebrate their 30th year in business.

Brenda Timmons heads up marketing and public relations for the popular home building business in Cape Breton and she said it has been a lot of fun getting ready to mark this milestone. “We are fortunate to have such a wonderful history in business in Cape Breton, it is nice that 30 years later we are able to recount our history and invite our customers to join in the celebration.” She said over the past number of years the community has watched the evolution of the business and the staff is very proud of how far they have come.


Important Role in the Community

At Gillis Home Building Centre, they are proud to play a big role in their community, they believe the biggest thing that has made the business so successful over the past number of years is the support from the public. Customers enjoy a high level of satisfaction due in part to the hard work and dedication of the staff. Anyone who shops at a Home Hardware location
knows when you walk into any store the fist thing you notice is how many staff members are on the floor, customers appreciate that they are going to be served in a timely fashion by a customer service representative who is trained to meet their individual needs. The folks at Gillis Home Building Centre believe satisfied customers are the basis for every successful business and the staff is willing to go the extra mile to ensure everyone’s experience is
a pleasant one.


Celebrating 30 Years in Business!

The 30th anniversary celebration will give us the opportunity to show our customers our appreciation for their loyalty over the years. We are very fortunate to have people return to our store year-after-year.” Timmons said, “Gillis Home Building Centre has a lot to offer the consumer and she believes it is the personal touch that they experience when they shop in our store that keeps the customers coming back. “We put a great deal of emphasis on customer service, it is important that we meet our customers at the door and let them know that we are there for them if and when they need assistance.”

Timmons said with so many truly loyal customers, what better way to celebrate Gillis Home Building Centre’s 30th year in business by sharing the special celebration with the people who have been there along the way.

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The Evolution of Gillis Home Building Centre

Gillis Home Building Centre on Kings Road in Sydney River, NS and he knows how vital his business is to his customers. This year, Dave Gillis and his staff will celebrate 30 years in the building supply business. Over the last three decades they have flown under the independent Gillis Home Care flag, then went on to be a representative of Timbr-Mart and eventually operated as a BMR Building Centre. In 2008, they became a part of the Home Hardware Family operating as Gillis Home Building Centre.

Successful Building Supplies Outlet

Dave GillisIn 1983, Dave Gillis and his late wife Charlotte began a start-up business at the kitchen table and a few filing cabinets serving as their home office. They had no idea back then that their vision to grow a successful building supplies outlet would result in the operation of one of the most respected businesses on the Island. Gillis credits his late wife for his success. “Nothing that I have accomplished thus far in business would have been possible without the support and constant encouragement I received from my wife Charlotte. She was a huge part of the business, she passed away a year ago and her absence is felt daily.”

Like Charlotte, Gillis knew that in order to keep momentum of his business going, he needed to be progressive, ever-changing and willing to take on new challenges. He was approached by Home Hardware Stores Limited about 10-years ago and asked if he wanted to join the team. It took him a few years to decide to make the move, but he said he is happy that he did. “I am proud to be a part of a national company that is held in such high esteem. Home is the complete package, and was one the best business moves I’ve made.” Gillis said he is fortunate to be backed by one of the most powerful and respected names in business and to have the mutual support of over 1,000 Home Hardware owners from coast to coast. “Being a part of the Home team is like being a part of a huge family. The company is run with the utmost integrity and I can’t say enough about how supportive the team is,” Gillis said.

Brenda Timmons is the head of marketing for the Sydney-based business and she said Gillis Home Building Centre is dedicated to helping the independent retailer stay independent. “As part of the Home team we receive a lot of support from head office. Should we need assistance in anyway, there is always support available,” Timmons said. She said she travels to product shows on a regular basis and has met many of the dedicated people who are a part of the “Home family”. I am always so impressed with the people I meet, they are all so eager and interested in learning as much as they can about the new products that are introduced each year.” Timmons said it is no surprise that the national company is such a popular one given that the people who work for the independently owned, 100% Canadian company are so committed to what they do.

Quality Home Building Products

Gillis Home Building CentreIn addition to award winning customer service, people shop at Gillis Home Building Centre because they know they are purchasing quality home building products at competitive prices. As a Home Building Centre, the business is able to offer a complete range of both hardware store and building centre products. Lumber, tools, paint, plumbing and electrical supplies, and an extensive selection of building materials are available, along with housewares, sporting goods, and lawn and garden supplies.

In an attempt to show the customer how much their business is appreciated, Gillis Home Building Centre offers the Price Match Guarantee, meaning that if the customer finds a product at a lower price somewhere else, the price will be matched. “Customers know that we offer fair and competitive pricing, we make sure they won’t pay anymore for one particular item at Gillis Home Building Centre then they would at anywhere else,” Timmons said.

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