On any given day Gillis Home Building Centre have a team of workers installing doors and entrance systems in private dwellings and commercial properties all over Cape Breton!

Gillis have many new and exciting sizes and styles of doors, windows, and entryways to choose from at Gillis, and depending on the design of your home and your specific design tastes, your home is sure to end up looking beautiful when the job is completed. What most customers soon realize is that each installation is guaranteed. Gillis Home Building Centre takes all the worry away when it comes to door and window installation, as they have warranty programs in place for each installation package covering the workmanship as well as the product.

We stock the basic models all others styles can be ordered in and take approx. 1 week to come in. If you need a home renovation professional anywhere in Cape Breton, Gillis Home Building Centre would be glad to come out to your location to discuss the job with you. Contact Gillis for your next home renovation, window or door installation job – Phone: (902) 539–0738.

Exterior Doors

Peter Kohler makes the finest exterior door products anywhere in Canada! To find out more about exterior doors check out the Kohltech (Peter Kohler) Winter Booking Sale that is now on at Gillis Home Building Centre in Sydney River.

Kohltech DoorsTake advantage of the best deals of the year by ordering your Peter Kohler (Kohltech) doors, entrance systems, and windows now and having them delivered right up until Spring 2018. Early in the New Year is definitely the best time of the year to buy windows!

Whether you plan on renovating your whole house or building a new home, the Peter Kohler line of window and doors are perfect for the Canadian Winter climate. Kohltech products are truly the most energy-efficient windows, doors, entrance systems and patio doors that you will find on the market today.

Gillis Home Building Centre in Sydney River, Cape Breton is your local Kohltech Dealer that can order all your windows and doors of any shape and size. Custom shape windows and doors will only enhance the beauty of your home, allowing natural light to pass through as well as protecting your home against the elements of a Northern Climate in Canada. Kohltech windows are made with exceptional craftsmanship and are virtually maintenance free, that are guaranteed for life! Their rugged performance with vinyl protection on the exterior is perfectly suited for the Eastern Canadian weather.

The Kohler line of windows and doors have many options including a variety of colors, glass, tint, obscure glass, grilles, weather stripping, security night lock, stainless steel coil spring balance system, and exterior trim.

Garage Doors

Replacing your garage door is a great to enhance the front of your house, whether you are on a limited budget on not. The Gillis Home Design Centre will show you all the possible garage door styles and find the color that fits perfectly with your home windows, front door, or even your roofing!

Garaga Garage DoorsCheck out the many fine garage door styles from Garage and Wayne Dalton at Gillis Home Building Centre! You should be able to find what you’re looking for among the extensive contemporary, traditional or country style doors. More than 7000 combinations available!

Garaga Garage Doors: Get more than just R‑value. Get a garage door from Garaga with both thermal breaks and weather stripping to prevent the cold from entering your garage. Learn more with our comparison test. A garage door is only as good as its installation. Get not only sound advice but quality work time after time with the Garaga Expert Network!

Wayne Dalton Garage Doors: Whether you need a garage door or commercial garage door, Wayne Dalton garage doors have something in stock to suit your home and budget.

Wayne Dalton garage doors are some of the best in the industry in Canada. They offer a large selection of garage door designs in many colors and options that can drastically enhance your home’s curb appeal. Not only will a new garage door add beauty to your home, but replacing an old or outdated door with a new one can increase your home’s value.

Did you know that year after year replacing the garage door is one of the top home improvement projects for return on investment?

Interior Doors

Metrie interior doors are available in solid and glass options, each meticulously designed to coordinate with one of our Then & Now Finishing Collections. Each of our five Finishing Collections doors are pre-hung and feature solid, clear and patterned glass options.

Metrie Interior DoorsThese doors create a cohesive look and highlight the beauty of the entire room. Metrie Interior Doors offers a range of exclusively designed interior doors that were specially made to coordinate with each of our Then & Now Finishing Collections.

The entrance to a room is just as important as any element within. With Metrie “Then & Now Finishing Collections” doors, you can set the stage with premium solid and glass door options that coordinate flawlessly with any elements within the same Collection.

Each of the Metrie Finishing Collections has several coordinated door options and are designed to capture the character and personality of the design collection. Each Collection also includes glass or French doors that coordinate with their solid door partners. These doors, however, are ideal for special entrances like master bedrooms, ensuites, family rooms or dining rooms.

Gillis Home Building Centre would be happy to show you the Metrie Doors catalogue at your convenience. Gillis  stocks the basic models of interior doors and all others styles can be easily ordered and take approx. 1 week to come in.

Solid Wood Doors: Solid wood doors capture the character of each collection. Each also includes glass or French doors that coordinate with their solid door partners.

Exclusive Designs: Exclusive to Metrie, these doors include professional design features such as larger, 12″ bottom rails, intricate designs and exclusive sticking. You can create a flawlessly proportioned and coordinated room.

Intricate Glass Patterns: Professional designers selected patterns to express the personality of each collection. Explore the fine intricacies of the Hourglass, Nano, Millennium, Tempo and Pendulum patterns.

Aluminum Doors

There are a variety of aluminum doors that Gillis Home Building Cenre have in stock (white), while other specialty designs and colours can be custom ordered like “Regal” and “Fiera” aluminum doors. If they don’t have them in stock, they can order them in right away from Home Hardware no problem.

* Just click the Home Hardware Aluminum Door Product Page, grab the 7 Digit SKU#, and Call Gillis Home Building Centre in Sydney River to order it in for you (902) 539 – 0738

Here are a few types of aluminum doors that Gillis Home Building Centre carry:

Century BLACK “36” x “80” Split View Aluminum Storm Door – 36″ x 80″ Century Black 2 Lite Split View Aluminum Storm Door

Century WHITE “36” x “80” Split View Aluminum Storm Door – 36″ x 80″ Century White 2 Lite Split View Aluminum Storm Door

Century BLACK “32” x “80” Split View Aluminum Storm Door – 32″ x 80″ Century Black 2 Lite Split View Aluminum Storm Door

Century WHITE “32” x “80” Split View Aluminum Storm Door – 32″ x 80″ Century White 2 Lite Split View Aluminum Storm Door

Fiera WHITE “34” x “80” Screen Storm Door – 34″ x 80″ Fiera 2 Lite White Screen Storm Door

Regal Aluminum Storm Doors – 34″ x 80″ Regal White Deluxe Full Aluminum Storm Door

More Screen Door Products: ( here )

Home Hardware Exclusive Doors

If you are building a new home or renovating and wish to purchase new doors or windows, Gillis Home Building Centre in Sydney River would be happy to order in custom doors or windows from Home Hardware.

Whether you require Gladiator steel doors, double steel doors, 6 panel utility steel doors, garage doors, garage door locks, or Polytech steel doors, contact your local Home Hardware Dealer (Gillis Home Building Centre) to check on pricing and availability!

Novatech Door Glass

Glass kits available from Novatech!

We can order any of the Novatech door glass kits!

All types of doors are special orders at Gillis! All of our doors come drilled for deadbolt and screen door prepped! Talk to a Gillis in-store representative today to find the perfect door for your home, cottage, garage, or commercial property today – (902) 539 – 0738!